Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who says THCs are useless?

I made a video showcasing a THC with either Viewtiful Joe's Mach Speed or Chun-Li's Hoyokusen, Hsien-Ko Tenraiha, and Super-Skrull's Inferno. Because Mach Speed and Hoyokusen have instant start ups, that removes the pre-flash start up from the other moves, too. Since the partners in the THC are invincible during their active and start up frames, but not when they are jumping in, this makes them invincible on start up, as well. Not only that, but Tenraiha is the only hyper which can be used in a THC which hits overhead. The THC actually removes the start up frames from Tenraiha, as well, so if they weren't blocking high before the flash, it will be too late to block after it. Since the flash starts instantly, that makes this literally an instant overhead. Then, Mach Speed and Hoyokusen allow you to follow them up with an air combo of your choice.

Super-Skrull can be replaced, but you need to make sure the other character doesn't hit with a higher-priority move than Tenraiha at the same time, or the opponent will be able to just block that without having to worry about the overhead, much like you can block the higher-priority move if you are hit with a high and low on the same frame.

Also, if you would rather have your THC be safe-on-block than able to follow up, you can swap Chun-Li or Viewtiful Joe out for a character with an invincible move that gives that, like Phoenix's Phoenix Rage or Jill's Machine-Gun Spray.

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